RS Atty. Jamar M Kulayan 2015 Grad Message

Graduation Message 2015 of the Regional Secretary of DepEd-ARMM

Assalamu Alai’kum.

Our brave ancestors were profiled as “fierce savages” and the slogan “The only good Moro is a dead Moro” became very popular.

I think this kind of description and the other depictions of the Moros even before the Moro Rebellion were imbibed into the Moro psyche which ushered in a brand of culture to such a degree that when we tried to assert the injustices committed on us, the “natural” and “noblest” mode of expression albeit violently, was to run amok as juramentados or to be a “parang sabil”. In the “extremists” lingo of today it is martyrdom undertaken as an unorthodox form of personal offensive jihad.

To associate greatness with death in the exercise of the right to self-preservation and self-determination is totally different with embracing the idea that we are only good when we are dead. The former is nobility, the latter is debasement. In nobility, there is victory. And with debasement, there is only defeat.

While we take pride in being “un-conquered”, we must not lose sight that we have still many more battles to fight for. We have yet to win over literacy and numeracy. We are still battling malnutrition, under-development, unemployment. We are still locking horns with various socio-economic and political challenges. Fortunately for some of our forebears, they had still found the will to fight. They were those who had struggled to live to attain their maximum potentials. They were those who had attained greatness in their lifetime. Those were our excellent doctors, reputable lawyers, meticulous accountants, inspiring teachers and champion athletes. And others from different fields.

But there are still many in our midst still fighting their own little wars. There are still many leaders amongst us who can not take criticism more constructively. We still shout even if a lesser tone can better resolve the matter at hand. We still argue even if we are already in agreement. We resort to “rido” despite the existence of a judicial system. We easily and readily resort to violence to address our grievances despite the existence of peaceful mechanisms for settling disputes. In my view, truly most of us had slide down to that consciousness that we are no good unless we are dead. I believe this our greatest struggle. The one battle we may never win unless we undergo a major paradigm shift.

So to all of these, I say, “a better Moro is an educated Moro”.

But what kind of education our school-children deserve to make them better?

We are the Department of Education. On our right shoulder is the heavy burden of educating every child in the ARMM and on our left is also the great opportunity to stop the cycle of violence and poverty that have been prevalent in our society.

To be in DepEd-ARMM does not entail teaching only our students literacy and numeracy. Our Madaris are not in existence for the limited purpose of making our children knowledgeable of our religion and make them more prayerful. It is our duty to teach our students to think critically. It is our obligation to let them know how to make better choices. It is expected of us that we insure our graduates are ready for the next level of education. It is the mandate of our department to make our students better children and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The public expects us to produce better graduates. Graduates who have greater confidence and better chances of finishing college. Graduates who are most likely to succeed in life. Graduates who could eventually contribute to making further difference in our societies and communities.

That is why this administration will not stop its reform until every kindergarten pupil is able to read and write. We will not stop reforming until every graduate of our elementary level are more than ready for high school. We will not stop from doing good things until every senior high school we produced are either ready for college or employment.

We shall not stop until the trust of our people in our public educational system is regained. We shall not stop until every kid in every sitio is given quality education and the chance to have a better life through an enabling environment where he can maximize his potentials. We shall not stop until every child becomes bold enough to live a life, to face personal and societal challenges with biting courage and foresight.

So, to our graduates, do your share in this great endeavor. Enroll in high school and pursue college. And do not be satisfied in just getting passing marks. Excel. It is when you excel that your chance to succeed is higher. Each and every one of you has the potential to excel and to succeed. Do not waver. Do not hesitate. Remember “the better Moro is an educated Moro.” And an educated Moro is a discerning Moro—confident, dignified in character, achievers, leaders, tolerant—noble defenders of truth, justice and peace.

You, our Moro youth and school-children deserve the kind of education that would emancipate you from fear and hopelessness. An education that would liberate you and the generations to come from violence, poverty and under-development. You deserve the education that will NOT allow you to dwell in the past but instead will prepare you to face the world and the future. We will provide you the education that is responsive to the needs of our communities and aid you as well to pursue excellence and happiness as individual and unique learner. We at the department are committed to provide you an education that is both global and future-driven through the K to 12 Program.

To our dear teachers, help us in this undertaking. Please spend a little extra time with your learners so they can master the required competencies. Always remind yourself and your students that comprehension, rational thinking and moulding of character is the bottom line. Convince your school principal to provide the training that you really need so you would become the ideal teachers every student would want to have.

To our principals and school heads, develop yourself into becoming transformational leaders, school managers whose goal is to ensure that all the students in his school are readers and can comprehend what they are reading.

To our division superintendents, district and education supervisors, please pay visits to our schools specially those in the far-flung areas because they are in most need of our attention. Focus on our teachers needs as well as that of our students. While you do the best practices in administrative supervisions, make sure that our teachers employ the best form of instructions to our students and pupils.

And let us not forget to tell our respective local government units and other stakeholders that we could not easily accomplish these tasks without their support and cooperation.

The time to prove that a “better Moro is an educated Moro” is here and now. With great pride, I would like to convey my appreciation to the teachers and school heads of Mamasapano and Raja Buayan districts for sticking it out with their students and pupils, and their graduates despite the ongoing hostilities. They have opted to conduct their graduation rites at their respective schools with the evacuees and the IDPs. For us, this is a gesture of sincerity to serve, a source of unparalleled courage and an inspiration that brings a renewed hope to all of us to work even harder in laying the ground work for quality education in the ARMM despite the odds, and finally to prove to ourselves and to others that we do all of these for the betterment of the Moros. For truly the better Moro is the educated Moro.

My congratulations to all graduates of class 2015.

Mabuhay po kayo.

Regional Secretary

Source : RIO FB DepED-ARMM

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DepED-ARMM hires new teachers

teacherThe DepED-ARMM augment teaching force for the School Year 2015-2016 in response to the shortage of teaching personnel in the Region. Initially, a 117 teaching applicants, who passed and undergone recruitment procedures from the province of Lanao del Sur, signed their approved appointments, yesterday, March 12, 2015, as a manifestation of their keen and willingness where they be assigned and deployed.

Seated from left : Atty. Sittie Mariam Balahim, Dir. Fatima Abubakar, Dr. John A. Magno, Hon. Zia Alonto-Adiong, and Dr. Sammy Pandapatan.

Image from FB RIO DepED-ARMM

2015 Graduation Message of Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC

Congratulations to our dear graduates! My appreciation goes out to the teachers, school administrators, staff, and parents who have supported and walked with our graduates to reach this milestone.

Today is a testament to your collective efforts—the fruit of your hard work and perseverance. Once again, you have proven that with competence, compassion and a zeal for excellence you can accomplish anything.

Dear graduates, as you turn a new leaf towards the achievement of your dreams, bear in mind the values and lessons you have learned throughout your stay in school. Your education has given you the skills to move forward, to pursue your purpose, and to actualize your dreams. Your education continues to cement your foundations to become a better Filipino; one with a keen sense of both self and community, and one who is mindful of diversity that is grounded on acceptance, tolerance, and peace.

This year’s graduation theme “Saktong Buhay: Sa De-Kalidad na Edukasyon Pinanday” calls to mind the importance of education as we build the foundations of our dreams. Let this be a reminder of the stories of our fallen and living heroes, soldiers and teachers alike, who persevered in their education to secure a decent life for their families. It impresses upon us the power of education in unlocking doors of opportunities and in enabling us to pave the path to a dignified and productive life, a life that is lived not only for ourselves but also for others.

As you forge ahead, you will experience moments of victories and defeats: Let your triumphs be an inspiration for other people; let your losses serve as your motivation to strive for excellence. Let all these collective experiences inspire hope in us to seek greater heights and aspire for a higher purpose. Throughout it all always be mindful of the people who help you along the way and pay it forward to others who will need your help too.

For us in the schools, may this theme guide us all as we go forth and realize our mission to provide Filipino learners a quality education that will empower them to attain their life goals.

Mabuhay kayo!

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Brigada Eskwela starts today

The ARMM Government invites all education stakeholders to participate in the 2014 Brigada Eskwela (BE) with a theme, “Making Our Schools Safer”. The BE is otherwise known as “National School Maintenance Week” is an effort, time and resources to contribute by among stakeholders to ensure that school facilities are ready to use by the learners this coming opening of classes.


2014 Graduation Message of Sec. Bro. Luistro


Mainit na pagbati sa lahat ng ating mga magsipagtapos, at sa lahat ng tagapamahala at kawani ng paaralan, mga guro, at mga magulang na tumulong at patuloy na gumagabay sa ating kabataan para makarating sila sa mahalagang puntong ito ng kanilang buhay.

Ang araw na ito ay isang patunay ng katatagan at kakayahan ng bawat Pilipino na muling bumangon matapos ang matitinding unos. Sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng liwanag sa bawat isa sa oras ng kadiliman, napatunayan natin na anumang hamon ang dumating ay ating kakayanin.

Sa gitna ng maraming pagsubok na ating hinaharap, hindi maiiwasan ng iba na isiping sumuko na lamang. Subalit sadyang matibay ang pusong Pilipino hindi nagpapatinag sa kahit anong pagsubok—dahil sa oras ng karimlan ay nakakakita pa rin tayo ng sinag ng pag-asa mula sa pagtitiwala at kasiyahan na ibinabahagi natin sa isa’t isa. Sa mga ganitong panahon, maaaring tayo ay nagalusan ngunit hindi kailanman nagpatalo.

Mga magsisipagtapos, ako ay umaasa na ang temang “Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pilpino” ay tumatak sa inyong kaisipan at magbigay ng inspirasyon para makamit n’yo and inyong naisin sa kabila ng mga hamon na darating—hindi lamang para sa sarili kundi para sa kapwa, at higit sa lahat para sa bayan.

Para sa ating mga nasa paaralan, ito nawa’y magsilbing isang paalala ng lakas at tibay ng loob na siyang dapat nananalaytay sa ating instutusyon. Umaasa akong patuloy nating maibigay ang nararapat sa ating kabataan.

Muli, binabati ko ang mga magsipagtapos. Hangad ko ang inyong tagumpay.

Mabuhay ang lahing Pilipino! Mabuhay kayong lahat.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       BR. ARMIN A. LUISTRO, FSC

“Keep Grad Rites Simple” – Bro. Luistro.

The Department of Education (DepEd) announces this year’s theme for the Graduation Rites through DepEd Order No. 9 s. 2014. The rites should focus on the theme “Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pilipino,” to pay homage to the resilience of the Filipino spirit and its triumphs over the recent string of calamities it conquered over the school year.

Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro wants to maintain the solemnity of the occasion by remaining frugal and simple, “while the graduation rites mark a milestone in every learner, we should keep it prudent and economical. Extravagant attires and venues are not necessary to make an impression; the important thing is we send the message of nationalism, excellence and resilience to every graduate.”

In accordance with the School Calendar for SY 2013-2014, the Graduation Rites should be scheduled either on the 27th or the 28th of March this year. For regions or schools divisions who extended their academic year due to natural or man-made calamities, the Rites should be scheduled based on their respective revised school calendars as approved by DepEd.

All private and public elementary and secondary schools nationwide are expected to strictly comply with the requirements for graduation. Non-academic activities such as attendance to field trips and JS Promenade should not be imposed as a prerequisite to graduation. In line with this, DepEd also reiterates that while Parents and Teachers Associations (PTAs) may opt to give cash or in-kind donations, public school personnel are not allowed to collect any graduation fees or any kind of contribution to any student at any grade or year level.

In a separate Regional Memorandum (No. 20 s. 2014) released by DepEd Region 8 Director Luisa Yu, conduct of JS Promenades, Senior Balls, Graduation Balls and other closing activities is discouraged so as not to disrupt classes and to spare students and parents from additional financial burden. In the same light, Graduation Rites in Region 8 should be held the simplest way possible. Yu directs division officials to monitor compliance in their respective areas.

Launching of the Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST) Program

The Philippines, through the Department of Education (DepEd), and the Australian government will sign a Memorandum of Subsidiary Arrangement for the Basic Education Sector Transformation (BEST) Program this coming February 21, 2014, Friday at Neptali Gonzales High School, Mandaluyong City.

BEST is a 6-year Aus$150 million (PhP 6.1 billion) program aimed to assist the Philippines in improving learning quality and access to education in the context of the K-12 program. The program aims to improve teaching and learning as well as strengthen the information and management systems of Philippine public education.